Jason Jamar

Jason Jamar

About Me

I purchased a 1999 Thomas MVP and am enjoying all the ups and downs of converting a school bus! I have spent countless hours and continue to research everything skoolie. I found that there needed to be one page for the best information to be found. Skoolie Everything is the website where I share my ongoing research, ideas, and inspirations while converting my bus. I hope it can be a valuable resource for other bus converters.

Years ago I had the privilege to backpack from the Pacific Coast (San Diego, CA) to the Atlantic Coast (Calais, ME /St. Stephen New Brunswick, Canada) then kayak from Maine to Texas.

Now, years later, married and with children, building a skoolie and traveling the nation is my cure for the travel itch and passing it on to my children. We plan to travel each summer exploring the country and doing book tours for my wife’s fantasy novels.

You can check out my wife’s work, Julien Jamar.

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