Our Favorite Binge-worthy Bus Conversions on Youtube

If you are like me, you haven’t the first clue to doing a bus conversion. I spent hours researching every aspect of the process and watching every Youtube video I could find on the topic. There were many that stood out for various reasons; great camera work, excellent answers to techniques, and a willingness to share even their mistakes. This is the list of my favorite bus conversions series, that I just had to watch every episode. Below you will find the first in each of their series, enjoy!

Wilderness Wandering

I have watched this series so many times. I have the same model of bus and the same size family – so it has been very informative and encouraging. Plus, Justin is now hiking the Pacific Crest Trail! (So I had to reach out to him since I had done so much long-distance hiking myself.)

The Voyager Project

This was just fun, informative, and a very well done series. Enjoy.

Gilligan Phantom

A terrific and very informative series that never fails to entertain.

Rolling Vistas

A great conversion series and now a great skoolie tour series.

Ian Robison

You can check out Ian’s website or his Youtube Channel.


A fun and upbeat conversion – check it out!

Navigation Nowhere

Michael is an expert! His bus was one of the first buses I researched while starting this journey.

Two Nerds in a Bus

Check out this conversion series, they do roof raise and document it very well.


These two are great and are building an amazinig bus!.