Bus Seat Removal

There is one agreed-upon task for a skoolie bus conversion and that is removing the seats. How many, what you do with them, and how to remove them is a whole other matter.

The bolts holding the seats to the floor extend down through the bus subfloor (if you have one) and through the metal to the underside of the bus. There are basically two schools of thought when it comes to removing the bolts: remove them with sockets and wrench, or grind and cut them. Depending on the age of your bus and where your bus spent most of its time (climates more conducive to rust), those bolts may prove to be a real chore to remove. This is why many people prefer to cut them out with a grinder. And the fact you don’t have to crawl under the bus and make it a two-person job.

Here are some videos demonstrating each technique.


Isaac gives a detail demonstration of removing the bolts, with help and donuts.

Wilderness Wandering

This is a great series. Justin wastes no time with an angle grinder. At 1:57 is when the cutting starts.

Ian Robison

Ian demonstrates removing the bolts, solo.

What I Did:

I chose to remove the bolts with the aid of a friend; one of us under the bus and the other at the seat bases inside. If you can find a friend for this task it actually goes by much faster than angle grinding the bolts and doesn’t take much time at all. We removed the seat cushions first so that we would have easier access to the bolts.

I chose this route for two reasons, first I wanted the option of repurposing the seats afterward and did not want to damage them, second, the bolts appeared to not be corroded with rust. My bus had so little rust that all but one bolt came out. However, I ended up recycling all of the seats at the scrap yard.